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Biker Power (Off Course) 24V

  • Biker Power LFP Battery
  • weight: 2822 gram
  • type: LIFEPO4/Lipo

Uses the same chassi as the GX (Lifebike etc), but has cells in polymer format.

BK (1) BK (2)

BK (3) BK (4)

Water sealed with large amounts of silicone and very difficult to remove.

BK (5) BK (6)

We apply 5-56 (WD-40) at the openings to get out swollen batteries, which is why they look “wet” in the pictures.
BK (7)

Contains 8 pieces of rectangular cells, two are swollen.

BK (8)

A narrow BMS to the left.

BK (9)

The polymer cells are soldered to a plastic disc. The numbering is not correct at all which was a bit confusing first. The chemistry is likely LiFePO4 (or the like). Contains Lithium and cobalt according to labels , however, the voltages are 0V or 3.3V or 3.6V in the current situation.