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BionX 48V

The 48V BionX battery is available in a variety of designs and cases with different specs. This is the more common round version that usually sits in the frame. This version is from 2013 used on a Bullitt:


Warning label in english, german and french. Quick release and locking mechanism. 2 Pin charging ports, lights up when you touch it!

The bottom with the frame mount. 423Wh was pretty decent back in 2013 when 300Wh was standard. The QC label however tells us it is most likely made in china.

The hardest part about BionX batteries is opening them since they have large amounts of silicon. And not the nice boob kind but the glue one…

Opening a BionX battery can be frustrating and can take several hours but we have devised a method loosening the silicon grip in few minutes.

The BMS. The discharge port has 2 thick wires but also an additional black/red/orange/green meaning you cant replace the BMS. 2 of the wires are most likely for displaying error messages and the other 2 are for anti tampering. Also the charging port has 4 wires but only 2 are for charging, the other 2 are for the built in indicator. The BMS wires most likely have fuses (polyfuses) inside the black heat shrink like we’ve seen in some other batteries. The BMS also has a speaker and a fuse (But how the hell are you supposed to change the fuse when the battery is so difficult to open??).

They went with 52 samsung ICR18650-22P which where pretty good at the time. This means we can upgrade it to 653Wh giving it a boost of 54% compared to the original 423Wh.