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e-TON e-MO

aka eTOn eMo

Taiwan brand E-ton (E-TON POWER TECH CO., LTD, owned by JI-EE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.) produced these electric scooters from ca 2011-2014 and they sold probably a few 100 of these in sweden. The Swedish importer claimed they went bankrupt, somewhere in the beginning of 2015. The retail price in sweden back in 2012 was 22000 SEK (2286€).

Weight: ca 50 kg (Scooter with battery)
1 IMG_1165IMG_1172
Indicator, you have to press quite hard and for seconds to activate it.

Discharge port with 3 additional connections. These are most likely to send information to the display.

Well written 86 page manual. But i dont actually think is powered by heart =)

Dealer info on the last page

Specs page: Seems to be 1200W. Lithium Manganese battery, this was actually 15 ah.


Charging in only 2 hours is probably accurate since the charger is about 10a.


These cells looks like no other we have seen before. Lipoblock incased in plastic, looks really high quality, almost Bosch like.

Serial number, 1108 might be the date 2011-08?

Tempsensor and 3 pin wire that is not connected to anything.

14 Pin JST for this 13S1P battery.

Balance wires are connected via a plate.

The amazing thing about this battery was that it had still full voltage! After standing unused AND uncharged for 5 years!!! Any other battery would have died in that time and lipos would have been swollen. It might (surely) had some capacity loss but it was almost fully charged and took charge for about 8 minutes when we tested it. The reason it came to us in the first place was that the customer (who had never used it before) had forgotten the charger had to turned on to charge the battery…

Anyway, getting a new battery is not possible but repairing it is no problem.

This is how the bike looks like: