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Nicebike (Tonaro / Aseako)

  • Manufacturer: Phylion
  • Type: 36V10Ah (Lipo Blocks)
  • Brand: Nicebike (Sweden), Tonaro (UK), Aseako (Australia), Evelo (USA)


Nicebike was the first ebike a bought. Back then most ebikes were pretty ugly and all looked the same. Daytona/Big Hit was a lot sportier and better looking.


I never took of the battery when i owned one so i have not notice until not how strangely looking it was.

IMG_0705 IMG_0708


The metal plate is for the lock. 4 wires for charge/discharge marked in english and chinease.


A phylion battery which was quite common in sweden and probably all over the world back then (2012).


The BMS is unusually large and the placement is pretty optimal.


This circuit is still a mystery to us but is it most likely a balancing plate. Most BMSes does noes not actually balance the cells but actually just monitor them. Since this circuit is mostly resistors it is probably set to draw down the voltage of each cells that goes above 4.2V. Let me know if you know more about this circuit!


Looks like some cells have vented. All of them still had full voltage.

There was a LOT of pressure built up in the cells. They where forced tight by a thick nickelstrip and tape but when i loosened them they flew apart like an accordion. As you can see on the connection between the cells the manufacturer where well aware of this and made the connections flexible. If they hadn’t the connection could have broken and made the battery broken like in the image below: