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Phylion 24V #1

  • Phylion Hi-energy Battery 25.9V (24V10Ah)
  • Model: XH259-10J
  • Weight: 3312 gram
  • Chemistry: 4.2V prismatic Lithium-Ion cells.
  • Setup: 7S1P
  • Manufactured: 2009-08-10 (Case), 2006-03-29 (Indicator), 2006-12-11 (BMS)
  • BMS: BHGL08-A10-300
    We don’t know what bicycles used this but probably some noname generic imports. It was probably mounted behind the seat post.DSCN8044The indicator is not working anymore.DSCN8045Dual fuses.DSCN8050Inside we find 7 prismatic Lithium cells. NOT LIFEPO4 but generic 4.2V Lion cells which Phylion often used. They are all reading 0V.


    This is NOT the BMS! The red and blue lead wires b passes the PCB and we don’t know the function of this chip! The markings indicate its mostly resistors and capacitors. Could it possible for automatically balancing the cells?


    This is the BMS, in a protection case with 3 MOSFETs.

    Since we don’t know what the first PCB does we will replace the BMS with a generic one. We can fit 36 pcs 18650 cells at most 3×6 + 3×6 giving it 10Ah-17ah in capacity and still get full functionally and a lighter battery.