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Manufacturer: Zephyr (Taiwan)

Sold in sweden as “Zet Light” by Zet Electric (Zet City, elcykelcenter) that went bankrupt in 2016. They sold a very light ebike with a small 200W motor and a very small 24V battery in a bag. They later also featured and option for slightly larger in frame bottle battery, that will be featured separately.

The bag dont look so good but it does its job protecting the battery from rain,

24V5.6Ah makes it the smallest ebike battery we have ever encountered (135Wh) but the reason for this is that its build with Lifepo4 cells. A re seller told us you can expect about 10 km of riding. The purpose of such a small battery is so that that you can have electric assist on the way to work and an (involuntary)  exercise on the way home….

DSCN9358 DSCN9364
The battery features 16pcs 26650 Lifepo4 cells in 8S2P. We would replace them with 18650s in 7S3P and a new BMS making it 24V10ah and even a bit lighter.

This is what the bike looked like when new: