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What to know what products we recommend on aliexpress and what suppliers we use? We are aliexpress affiliates which means we make 7% commission if you buy something on aliexpress using the links below.

I have made almost 3000 orders during the last 5 years and received 27410 point and hold Diamond member status which means im a fucking god when it comes to spending money!

Many of the products we buy are off course bad, but we have the resources to buy many similar items from many different sellers to find out which is best. We repair about 1000-2000 ebike batteries yearly so we need to make sure we ONLY use the best stuff!

We will try and reviwe most of the items we list and why we like them at our english youtube channel:


10S 36V 15A BMS (for 250W ebikes)
10S 36V 20A BMS (for 250W ebikes, with on/off switch)
7S 24V 20A BMS (for 250W ebikes)
7S 24V 20A BMS (for 250W ebikes, with on/off switch)
13S 48V 40A BMS (for 1500W ebikes)
13S 48V 40A BMS (for 1500W ebikes, with on/off switch)

Holders & Isolators

Wavy holders for compact batterypacks
Standard rectangular “lego” holders 1P, 2P and 3P
Barley Paper (insulator):

Nickel & Wires

Really good, true pure nickel we bought many times:
Good standard nickel, we use these the most 0,1mm
Good standard nickel, we use these the most 0,15mm
We use Helukabel now but used these wires before.


Large size heat PVC shrink tubing




Sunkko 709a, decent beginner machine that also has a soldering station, both built in and pen type spotwelder. Has Eu stock

Battery testers

Liitokala lii-500 (Whole package)
Best battery cell tester ever! However we have not verified this supplier.
Excellent for testing JST fast and balancing.
Good battery load (max 150W), not a verified supplier.



Pliers/Wire cutters, nickel strippers
Wire stripper (Dr Andys favorite)
Wire stripper (My favorite)
UT33C is a good multimeter with tempsensor
Very good screwdriver, not verified supplier. True 2000mah battery.
Very good DIY high quality Soldering Station. Not verified since we buy them in europe. Choose Original.