Battery repair services in europe (with price comparison)

Here is a list of many major sites concerning battery repair that i have found in Europe and some other countries so far. Please let me know if i missed any services.













Outside Europe:



*Looks really professional but their website claim they build ebikes that are clearly 100% chinease OEM and even one that i have owned that are 100% crap! Also think amps and amperehours are the same soo… . also this video shows a lot of their mistakes!


We will also compare prices of the services that list their price but less then half of the service have pricelist. Will chose the cheapest option with brand cells as close to 36V10Ah for 250W ebikes that we can find. Checked 2018-12-24 (yes i work on Christmas):

  1. Batteridoktorn (Sweden): 36V11.5Ah (414Wh) = 2500 sek (244€) 0.59€ per Wh = INDEX
  2. Accuworld (Netherlands) 36V11.6Ah (418Wh) = 289 = 0,6913€ per Wh = 17%
  3. Tbbssabadell (Spain) 36V12Ah (432Wh) = €300 = 0,6944€ per Wh= 18%
  4. Presta-batterie (France) 36V14,5Ah (522Wh) = 390€ = 0,75€ per Wh = 27%
  5. Batterypackservice (Belgium) 36V11.6Ah (418Wh) = €330 = 0,7894€ per Wh = 34%
  6. Akku-mainz (Germany) 36V10.4Ah (374Wh) =  €299 = 0,7994€ per Wh = 35%
  7. Remotion (Denmark) 36V10.4Ah (374Wh) = 2250 DKK = €301 = 0,8048€ per Wh = 36%
  8. Liofit (Germany) 36V11.6Ah (418Wh) = 350 = 0,84€ per Wh = 42%
  9. Batteridoktor(Denmark) 36V10.05Ah (365Wh) = 2599 Dkk = 348€ = 0.95€ / Wh = 61%
  10. Himex (Denmark): 36V10Ah (360Wh) = 2899 dkk = €388 = 1,08€ per Wh = 83%
  11. Bikebat (Netherlands) 36V11Ah (396Wh) = €451 = 1,14€ per Wh = 93%
  12. Swissvolts (Schweitz) 36V11.6Ah (418Wh) = €550 = 1,32€ per Wh = 124%

As you can se the prices vary but most repair services takes about 0.8€per Wh +- 20% which is quite resonable. But there a good reason to compare prices if you have more then one service in your area since the price difference is 127% and the Netherlands have both the second cheapest and the second most expensive!


Batteridoktorn is my own service and i am not surprised to see that i have the best prices for battery repair in Europe. One of the reasons is that sweden introduced a VAT cut off 13% right when i started my business so that is one of the reasons, but other countries might have similar incentives. But i also did extensive scans off my competitors when i started to know whats price was reasonably and set out to have fair prices. Its good to know that i have the best prices even if i always use the best cells possible and offer and extensive increasing warranty and a workshop i the central of Stockholm.