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What Ebike Battery Charger Manufactures are...

Apr 21, 2020Comments off

Many chargers come with the bike brand name but are actually Chinese OEM chargers. A few companies like bosch probably produce their own. And a few like Shimano and Yamaha probably have chinease companies manufacture unique


How much are used 18650 cells worth?

Oct 04, 2019Comments off

Its not hard to find “used 18650 cells”. Usually you can go any electronics store and ask for used batteries or to where you recycle electronics. Also you buy spare batteries cheap for models that are


Real Capacity Of Panasonic NCR18650A

May 28, 2019Comments off

Bought 5 NCR18650A for testing. They are more expensive then NCR18650BD and have lower capacity and are also rated only for 6.2A and the test was as follows: Average capacity: 3124mah Minimum capacity: 3062mah Maximum capacity: 3174mah


Real Capacity Of Panasonic NCR18650G

May 28, 2019Comments off

NCR18650G is finally back on the market! It was rumored to be a 3600mah cell but it dissapeared fast and rumour is that Tesla bought every single cell! Now they have their own production and NCR18650G is



May 20, 2019Comments off

This is not a test but wrather an opservations. I have 1000s of 22F cells which i recentlly sorted and decided to retest som cells that have been sitting with a full charge for 21 months.


The yearly decay of Panasonic PF cells

Mar 22, 2019Comments off

My supplier has told me new 18650 cells can hold not only their voltage but dont have any significant capacity loss the first 16 months after production. This sounds insane when ebike seller claim you must


Battery repair services in europe (with pri...

Nov 22, 2018Comments off

Here is a list of many major sites concerning battery repair that I have found in Europe and some other countries so far. Please let me know if I missed any services. Sweden Batteridoktorn bplus (Closed


What happended to Scrooser?

Nov 06, 2018Comments off

Scrooser is probably the most sold electric scooter type in the world but almost no one ever bought the original. They first launched in spring 2013 and soon after that they launched a successful kickstarter giving


What we know about em3ev

Apr 28, 2018Comments off

em3ev has been a legend in the diy ebike game for many years and brunos recent video visit to their factory made their status even higher but who are they? cell_man (his last name i Sellman) is


What happened to battery bro?

Apr 07, 2018Comments off

Battery bro was an inspiration when i first started building battery packs. Both their extensive information about cells but also their in depth blog. However something happened in 2016…. September 10 2014 they posted their first