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BMZ Group products

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You might not have ever heard of them but every one knows of their products. The are the biggest battery OEM manufacturer in europe and make high tech batteries for almost every thing. It’s hard to tell that it’s made by BMZ unlkess you open it up as an OEM they don’t boast about their clientelle. But we will try and make a small list of all the brands and products we know are build by BMZ:

Smart ebike
Focus 3D Laser Scanner Powerblock (ACCSS6001)14,4V 6.75Ah



Very high tech battery similar to the classic Panasonic one popular i Germany. BMZ name visible several times. The compatible one sold i Eu is made by Golden Dragon.

Bulls Green Mover


And some maby:

Festool. Sony cells and wirebounded wires and temp sensors instead of BMS, sure has all trademarks of a BMZ battery. However the actuall BMS might be located inside the charger instead of each battery pack. Noting inside the chargers says BMS so it’s a maby:


Kärcher 6.654-491.0
Uses the same connector as BMZ used for BionX so probablly BMZ design:

Peugeot AE21 ebike