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A2B Metro

  • retailer price:  7500 SEK (€781/$922)
  • weight: ?
  • config: 10S6P
  • Manufacturer: Most likely by BionX

The battery is heavily over engineered and they must have spend 1000 of hours just in the interior design. Working with this battery is a nightmare!

No generic components att all. Everything especially designed for only this battery in mind. It does not look like any other battery we’ve seen. Germans…..!!!!!!

Hugh BMS with enormous heat sinks.


Just wow. Obviously wanted to include every BMS function possible, twice! Dual fuses is however a good idea. But 40A (1440W) on a 500W Battery?005

However they where not satisfied for some reason and made YET another version of the battery.

The cells are split into 3 sections and the BMS is a lot smaller, with just one fuse.

The BMS up close, here you can see it actually supports dual fuses.


Low capacity samsung cells makes it 13Ah. With modern high capacity cells we could fit 20ah.