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Brand: MyEco (sweden)
Config: 10s4P
Cells: Sanyo or Panasonic
Made In: Taiwan

Nice looking case that can be a bit hard to open att first. Many screws and silicon.   

5 pin dischare port but 2 are used.

Cells are split in 2blocks that are screwed together. Also main wires are screwed. 3 pin GX16 for charging and a fuse port (not connected)

Most cases have used the popular us18650vtc4 but one case hold Panasonic PF.

Custom made holder.

A lot of silicone but not impossible. 

Quite a descent battery. I think its made i Taiwan by Darfon. Everything can easily be repaired or replaced except the indicator. 2 Times however the BMS has refused charging so i solved that by adding an additional BMS for charging.