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ProMovec G1

  • Brand: Promovec
  • Design: German
  • Manufacturing: Chinease
  • Config: 10S3P into a 10S4P case with 10 plastic cells.
  • Cells: Panasonic CGR 18650 CG 2250mAh manufactured ca 2008.
  • Amps: Charger 3.5A / Discharge 15A
  • Nominal Capacity 6750mAh
  • Pro-Movec article no. 18331

Maby the first commercial ebike battery using 1850 cells! We believe ProMovec contacted a german firm (ansmann, BMZ or another) to create this battery. The battery was manufactured in china and is not very similar to the later versions. They only used the battery for a short term, maby less then one year but a few 100  ebikes or more was sold in sweden.

The design is a basic as it gets. An aluminum casing with plastic surrounding. The really strange thing is the it uses pop rivets which no other battery has ever used to our knowledge! In the back only 2 and in the front 4.

The back is using forced connections. Copper plates. We don’t know how it connects to the bike but the scratches suggests its not optimal. The front is just 2 LEDs running on 42V with a resistor. However they seems to be working fine after almost 10 years.


Black heat shrink. Identical labels but one has had some water damage.
The case size is one of the most idiotic we have ever seen. It could have fitted 72 cells if it had just been a few mm bigger on all sides! It does not fel like it was made for promovec but that they chose a random case that happen to fit the cells. The cellpack is to small and an the hot glue has often made the pack loose and it does not they fit when shaking the case. You can on this image clearly see 6 black fake cells “seat fillers”. The cheap bastards made the case for 4P but payed extra for fillers instead of just adding 10 more cells! They could not spend €20 extra for 10 additional cells for a bike that costs €1500 or more!