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ProMovec G2

  • Gen 1:  7.4ah is the only known capacity.
  • Gen 2: 36V8.8Ah but a 12ah version also exist.
  • Gen 3: 6,6 AH, 8,7 AH, 11,6 AH and 13,6 AH
  • 2 year capacity warranty

Promovec is huge in scandinavia and probably the biggest ebike brand in denmark. They also have a pretty big market share in sweden being in the top 10. They made their success mostly because of their batteries, they where among the first to use 18650 cells, 5 years before they became standard.  Promovec might be a danish brand but both the ebikes and the batteriers are most likely manufactured in china. There is not much info about promovec at all on the internet, they dont even have a wikipedia entry (in any language) and not a single new article (in swedish, danish or english).

They produce (sell) 25000 bikes yearly and have only 25 employees (in denmark, germany and china) that deal mostly with marketing and from their promotion material they dont have any kind of assembly in denmark so everything is manufactured in china. We believe that the german “division” is behind the design of the battery and might related to battery firms like Ansmann och BMZ that actually used 18650 cells even before promovec.

The Promovec battery was one of the first high end chinease batteries and many of the batteries made in 2008-2010 are stil functioning properly today with decent capacity. But the promovec quality also has a price, the batteries are almost twice as expensive as similar ones, from about 4000 to 7500 sek ($450-800/€400-750).


There are 3 knows generations, the really old ones dating ca 2007-2008. Gen 2: The common ones from 2009-2014 and the newer ones, Gen 3, from ca 2014 and forth.

The promovec gen 2 battery is very well made and every copy we have opened have been almost identical. They have a LOT in common with the Porta Power and Protanium batteries which we believe have evolved from the same Chinese manufacturer.

This is the gen 3 which have updated holders, cell alignment in reverse and some other features but nothing game changing.

They switched from Panasonic to Sony cells for some reason and made some changes to the BMS, most noticeable the color. They also put the fuse INSIDE the battery making it impossible to change without opening the whole battery pack, so not everything is better, just different.

We deal weekly with ProMovec batteries and we add 50% more capacity and the price is still less then half of what a new Promovec battery cost, if you can get them at all! They are so expensive most re sellers don’t even have them stocked so they have to special order from denmark (since they dont have any wholesale agent in sweden or any other country that we know of)!