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Tesla batterypack longevity

Mar 11, 2018Comments off

Roadster was the first electric car from Tesla Motors and it was sold in 2008-2012. It was also the “first highway legal serial production all-electric car to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first production all-electric


What is a citycoco (城市可可)?

Feb 22, 2018Comments off

Citycoco is not a specific product but rather an label placed on electric scooter with big wheels. It is most likely a chinease word that does not translate well into english. Especially the coco part. Most


What do we know about Northvolt so far?

Feb 21, 2018Comments off

What is it? Northvolt AB was founded by Peter Carlsson in Q3 2015. Peter has previously worked for Ericsson (1995-2011) and  Tesla Motors (2011-2015). When he quite Tesla it was with the vision to build Europes largest lithium


What do we know about Uniti so far?

Feb 21, 2018Comments off

What is it? Its not really a car but a whole new concept of driving. Mainly the number  of wheels is mostly the only thing it has in common with a car. It will be licenced


How accurate is the capacity test on Liitok...

Jan 03, 2018Comments off

We are resellers of littokala chargers and also use them daily for testing used 18650 cells. We run 5 Lii-500 daily testing more then 5000 cells yearly. We believe Lii-500 is one of the best hobby