How much are used 18650 cells worth?

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Its not hard to find “used 18650 cells”. Usually you can go any electronics store and ask for used batteries or to where you recycle

Real Capacity Of Panasonic NCR18650A

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Bought 5 NCR18650A for testing. They are more expensive then NCR18650BD and have lower capacity and are also rated only for 6.2A and the test was

Real Capacity Of Panasonic NCR18650G

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NCR18650G is finally back on the market! It was rumored to be a 3600mah cell but it dissapeared fast and rumour is that Tesla bought


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This is not a test but wrather an opservations. I have 1000s of 22F cells which i recentlly sorted and decided to retest som cells

The yearly decay of Panasonic PF cells

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My supplier has told me new 18650 cells can hold not only their voltage but dont have any significant capacity loss the first 16 months

How accurate is the capacity test on Liitok...

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We are resellers of littokala chargers and also use them daily for testing used 18650 cells. We run 5 Lii-500 daily testing more then 5000